Being and Becoming a Quaker Chaplain

Saturday, 17 February, 2018 - 10:00 to 16:30

Saturday 17th February 2018

Friends House      10.00 – 16.30     Sarah Fell Room

Quaker Chaplains and those considering a leading for chaplaincy will gather at Friends House, to hear about the nature of the work in the various shapes it takes for us: in prisons, hospitals, hospices, universities, workplaces and other settings.  Each has its particular aspects, and all have common underlying themes.

Ben Ryan, researcher for Theos, the faith think-tank, will set the scene. He has analysed the scope and importance of chaplaincy and will talk about the state of chaplaincy in the UK today.

The closing talk will be by Alistair Fuller, Head of Ministry and Outreach at Quaker Life, who will consider ways in which we could be more effective and what we might do differently.

This is a day when Quaker chaplains can meet each other, network, and learn from each other.  Those who want to explore and find out more about chaplaincy will also be welcome to join us.


Register via Eventbrite at

Queries –

Andrew O’Hanlon 07806 465880 or Fred Ashmore 07976 299721

The Quaker cafe will be open for lunch

No charge but donations please (benchmark £10)

At meeting house: 
Free but donations requested £10 benchmark


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